Andy Sexton & Simplisity
Franne McGee & "Village Mom, Village Daughter"
Marshall Bryer & Rossi Pizza Restaurant
Preston King of NYCitiworks


Better World Awareness Campaign 
is gathering businesses, celebrities and educators.  

Marilyn Rodgers Phone - 1-808-232-6152
Buck Rodgers Phone - 1-808-295-5013.


Purchase 35 Tunes by Jai & Dan Rodgers for $1.00 each = $35.00 + $5.00 Shipping. 

You may choose to donate or to purchase a pack of CDs by using Pay Pal with your credit card or pay pal account. You may also phone or email  me directly to make any purchases.    1-808-232-6152

Purchasing CDs gives you 35 songs  at $1.00 each, all to support a safer, better world for your family and friends, a total of $35 plus $5.00 (S/H). 


 Safe Day Events endorses Wellness Company!

    Come on! Have a blast with a non-abuse policy for drugs, alcohol & sex!                                      


 For 20 years, we have been part of a wellness company that supplies over 450 products that are better, safer, and affordable.  Join us in a zoom room daily -  call or text me at  808-232-6152 for ID and passcode.  
We have been partnering with a wellness company which since 1989 specializes in non-irritating biodegradable products that are healthier, safer, effective, and affordable.  You may want to be a customer with us, or you may be looking for a meaningful reliable income in these difficult times ahead.  Either way,  we will help with their mission "to enhance the lives of those we touch, by helping others reach their goals".

As an educator, a mother, a business person, entertainer with my family, and as a wife, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of paying attention to your personal, environmental, and financial wellness at this time in our current experience.  Many things have changed, but some things will stay the same.  We care and hope for the best.  

Marilyn Rodgers - Safe Day Events, LLC. 

To get the most of your visit with us in a zoom room,  come onboard.  If you are unable to find the time,  visit Take a look around this robust introduction to the company we represent, and let our team help you to be successful, have fun, and thrive.
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