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Our mission is to elicit social responsibility from industries we have come to rely on --- in an 'edu-tainment' cutting edge program.  This article specifically highlights (1) the history of drug rape, aka drink spiking, (2) summarizes current statistics,  and (3) gives Top Ten Tips for safety awareness campaigns, however the issues are complex and there are other stories too numerous to mention here. 

Safe Day Events endorses several products available individually or as a pack at   The Drink Detective, The Drug Kop, The Pocket Breathalyzer, The Hangover Buster and The STD Tester,  available in a convenient carry-all,  is a great safety item for school fundraisers and home-based businesses.  Click here for details about the Safe Date Pack. 


On a weekly international conference call, hosted by actress and entrepreneur Franne McGee, scores of men and women joined us to express their interest in this unreported non-quantifiable crime.  

In 1977,  I personally was a victim of a drug-assisted calamity that left me caring for my cerebral palsy son.  Naive to the hazards of city-life, I gave birth to my son 3 months early.  This may have been induced by the drug I unknowingly took 48 hours earlier in a glass of fruit punch.  Along with the task of raising him,  I have been healing myself from lifelong psychological scars of shame and guilt because of this.  

As you know, these emotions are typical for victims of drug rape and date rape.  This makes investigations more difficult.  Drug and date rape victims keep information to themselves because of fear.  Fear of severe repercussions from drug and sex predators and peddlers,  fear of harsh reproof from authorities (like parents and police), and fear of shame, embarrassment and negativity from employers, friends and peers. Conforming to lifestyles that gloss over these events, masking the pain in further abuse and learning to enjoy the ride seems to prevail among victims.  

If you know of a victim of drugs, date rape, robbery and its' consequences let them know they now have a personal safety shield against drug rape and a caring community of professionals and families who have suffered like them.  Inexpensive and effective products and services are available to help.  There is a way out.     

Having a Masters Degree in Special Education enabled me to help many students with a variety of emotional and mental challenges.   After my son’s untimely death in 2001 from a shunt replacement (all due to his prematurity and perhaps the non-alcoholic drink and drug spiking),  I began speaking out through this website about date and drug rape. 

My aim is to ultimately decrease the number of date and drug rape victims.  NYCitiWorks of Hawaii, a 501-c3 non-profit corporation, originally founded by Franne McGee and her associates, has partnered up with Safe Day.   “Safe Drink, Safe Space“ fulfills our dream of keeping safe and of building a team that inspires and motivates positive change in us all.  

“I only left sight of my drink for a minute…...the rest of the night was a blur” is a quiet cry heard by many of us for many years.  September 12, 2009 and October 23,2009 became the first official SAFE DAYS of the “Safe Drink, Safe Space” Project for the Elimination of Drug-Facilitated Assault(s), Drug Rape, aka Drink Spiking. These days were recognized by many in the States of New York and Hawaii with a view to raising public awareness about this violation of the rights of women, men, and children alike.


In 2007 and 2008 as many as 50% of 5000 individuals surveyed by Safe Day Events experienced negative consequences of drug peddlers and sex predators in our community, either as victims or friends and families.  As the costs of drug crimes escalate, as physical and emotional scars linger and as budgets tighten,  individuals remain ready and willing to do something about it.  

The January 30, 2010 Honolulu Advertiser's front page article entitled, "Meth Still Immense Problem in Crimes" highlights recent trends and startling statistics.  The Hawaii High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program in partnership with law enforcement agencies showed that 66% of Hawaii law enforcement investigations were connected to drugs.  Meanwhile a 2009 analysis pointed out that about half of the cases investigated in Hawaii by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in 2008 were drug-related.

In many towns and cities worldwide, there is a prevailing attitude that encourages us all to enjoy ourselves to the point of risk. This is deep-rooted in the belief that if one avoids attention to negative thoughts, then somehow negative things will not occur. The truth is that unforeseen occurrences befall everyone, even positive thinking individuals.

It is wiser for us all to be AWARE that date rape, drug rape, robbery, violence, driving under the influence, drunkenness and drug use continue to be deep rooted in our human history.  Sorcery, aka spiritism and its' effects, are found in our history books.  Pharmaceuticals plagued mankind as far back as it had been known that man will dominate man to his other words....a long time.  Drug misuse and abuse continues to be a source of many related ongoing problems in all developing nations. We need to continue to raise awareness and be alert.  As long as manufacturers continue to provide us with more controlled substances, then there is a greater chance of losing control of these substances to unscrupulous ones who misuse these drugs for monetary or selfish gain.

According to the UK Roofie Foundation, “drug and date rape and violence against others is global in reach, and takes place in all societies and cultures.  It effects us no matter what our race, ethnicity, social origin, birth or other status may be.”   In 2005, Guardian News and Channel 4 Television conducted a survey on drink spiking and found that 1 of 4 individuals surveyed had been drink spiked in their lifetime.   Statistics issued by a victimology institution in Europe indicated that 23% of women in one country, or about 1 of 4, suffer some form of domestic violence related to drugs.

A 2005 study of 144 subjects, “Estimate of the Incidence of Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault in the USA” by Negrusz, Juhascik, Gaensslen showed that 61% were taking drugs and 35% were raped. According to the British Home Office in one recent year, an average of two women each week were killed by current or former partners and drug use typically was involved in some way.

In the magazine India Today International, it was reported that “fear is a constant companion and rape is the stranger they may have to confront at every corner, on any road, in any public place, at any hour.”   Amnesty International describes violence against men, women and children as today’s “most pervasive human rights challenge.”

The focus of “Safe Drink, Safe Space” is primarily to (1) prevent all forms of drug-assisted and drug-facilitated assault, including drink spiking, (2) offer education and raise awareness, and (3) to share benefits to individuals and businesses with our easy safe drinking products and tips.  



There is now available a package which can be used as a personal safety shield against drug and sex predators.  Since 2004, it has been trademarked the Drink Detective.  It is a business card sized package, simple to use, inexpensive, a personal drug detector that is 100% effective against 60 known dangerous drugs, most commonly known as GHB, Ketamine and Rohynol, Ecstacy, Amphetamines, LSD. The effects of these drugs can render a victim temporarily but severely inebriated, paralyzed, in a coma and can even cause death.

Quick decisions can be made when this drug detector is available which can save lives. Test results occur in less than a minute,  just in time to interrupt an assault, theft, rape, etc.   It is remarkable because it was shown to be especially effective in repelling drug related crimes, as it repels the predators and raises awareness of social norms that are more acceptable and safe, thus everyone has more fun.  It is endorsed by police in the UK where it is manufactured.  One thousand packages available in a community in Wales, together with some simple advertising, served to reduce indecent behaviors (assault and at-risk behaviors) by 15% in just one week. Our goal is to repeat this evidence in homes and communities everywhere. With cooperation and collaboration, “Safe Drink” will achieve similar outcomes.


The tester works best as a deterrent against drug and sex predators because individuals who are tempted to do harm typically do not want to get caught. They tend to run away, hide or retreat.  Likewise, they may have second thoughts about poor criminal techniques, like force and manipulation, to socialize.  We believe these criminals will pass by individuals and venues armed with drug detectors.  Easy to display or carry in a pocket, pack, or purse, detectors are available in unlimited supplies.


If you begin to feel very drunk, sick, sleepy after drinking a soft drink, tea, coffee, juice or cocktail, consider testing your drink by getting help from a trusted or responsible person.  Tear the package open, take a few drops of your drink with the pipette in the package and drop a few drops of the suspected drink onto the blotters on the card.  In 5 seconds, see if it resembles the master picture, and if so, get help immediately.  Do not hesitate to “yell fire”, it may save your life.  It is very important to reonsider very carefully whether you should leave with someone you just met.


Young adults, children, and those who are socially active may be naïve to the risks associated with drug rape primarily because it is largely an unreported crime.  Similar to date rape, victims of both crimes feel shame and guilt, disbelief and denial, personal fear of authorities and criminal’s repercussions.  In the past, prosecutors and police officials had very little evidence to deal with, and most arrested were acquitted.

Google in ABC News Special on "Prime Time", aired nationally during the week of July 13th, 2009, which showed in an hour long special how challenging it was, and still is,  to convict a drug and date rapist.  Twenty-two women from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, along with their prosecutors and witnesses, were unable to convince a jury to punish a sophisticated predator called "Dr. Jim" after months of trial.  He was acquitted of all counts primarily because victims were unable to defend themselves, unable to remember details, unable to provide evidence of the drugs which left their systems so quickly,  and hesitated to report the crime immediately.

Now, with our own drug detector available in unlimited supplies worldwide, customers have a first-line test for evidence quickly and effectively.   Raising awareness of this crime itself will decrease these negative outcomes because women and men will be more reluctant to leave an environment with a campanion they are dating when drugged and can be aware of an intervention, the drug detector.

Furthermore, in a bar & restaurant survey conducted in Melbourne Australia in 2007 to establish what customers rank most highly in their choice of venue, it was always SAFETY that ranked as #1.  Pharmaceutical drugs, historically, have improved our health, but have also trickled down into the hands of powerful UNSAFE individuals who may not have accurate knowledge and risk both themselves and others around them.  Consider the effect pain killers and other drugs have had on very public figures like, Michael Jackson, Nicole Smith, and Elvis Presley, to name a few. The numbers of families affected by misinformation about their prescription drug use is soaring.

On college campuses,  it is reported that 1 of 5 adolescents are referred to as The RX Generation. These youth have a tendency to choose pills as the solution for every health concern because of how they were raised.  It is common for them to raid home medicine cabinets and over-the-counter drug stores to supply “Pharm” parties with pills.  They experiment with many combinations of drugs from their own families “drug store”.

There are also individuals who believe it is ok to pose as “healers”.  They use their own experiences and limited knowledge along with other motives to help their new friends change, to relax them, and help them bring their guard down without their consent or knowledge.  Tampering with their drink or food may occur.  This is one action behind drug rape that is extremely dangerous.  Never take pills from friends.  The effects may seriously reduce trust of others and may debilitate a victim for many years.


At a very well known Honolulu ocean-side sports bar at 2 pm one Saturday afternoon, John was “talking story” with a man about the game on TV.  Very conservative about alcohol, he drank his first beer and ordered his second, the last of the day.  He had to use the rest room and when he returned he finished it.  He laughed about his experience, as some victims do, but see for yourself whether you consider this funny.  Picture what could have happened instead.  He said, “ I have no recollection of leaving the bar.  I woke up naked at 4 am the following morning in my friends spare bedroom“. His friend and his wife said he jumped the curb onto the grass in their front yard with his car, scattered his keys, wallet and belongings all about, demanded his friends make him linguini with pesto, took over their spare room and said goodnight. He remembers nothing after finishing his drink. He returned to the bar to report the event and the security monitor did catch the man in the act of pouring an unknown substance into John’s drink. Drug rape happens to men, too.  The responsibility of our community to intercept drink spiking, drug rape may have a large effect on reducing automobile accidents and fatalities, as you can see from John‘s terrifying drug rape.


In 1977, when I was 26 years old and a new Montessori School Teacher, I dated a man I considered marrying.  The social norm at the time was to live together before marriage, a mistake I dearly paid for.  We became pregnant before I discovered he already had a wife and 2 children and was an alcoholic.  We broke up. At around 6 months pregnant, I attempted to socialize, resigned to survive as a single mother-to-be, was invited by new friends to a party in a posh neighborhood , and hesitatingly decided it was ok for me to join in,  as long as I did not drink alcohol.  There I experienced what became for me the beginning of a 25 year challenge.

I gave birth 3 months prematurely to my son who weighed in at 1 lb. 8 oz.  I believe it was because I unknowingly took a dangerous drug.  At the time this experience was too traumatic to talk about and I was scared and ashamed to confess.  The beauty of this child, as challenged as his life was, compelled me to be very cautious about childbirth, child-rearing, and safety and we became gentle childbirth consultants for many years.  His cerebral palsy and health challenges were a tragedy our family endured for over 24 years.

When a routine surgery to add a larger shunt to his brain turned him into a quadriplegic on a ventilator in 1998, the scar of my hidden drug rape 20 years earlier re-opened once again.  He died when he was 24 years old but his life was not in vain because I am on a mission to support others who may be victims of drug-facilitated and drug assisted assault.   Peer mentors, entertainers and others who support our safety awareness campaign and the research for and provision of effective products and services is what we have to offer.


  • Join us. Arrange for an interview at one of our weekly prep meetings to see how we can work together.
  •  Consider arranging to have a booth, to be a sponsor, to be a spokesperson, to be a marketing representative, to be a business venue, to be a peer mentor, to be a volunteer and to be a celebrity spokesperson.
  •  Mark your planner today. For instance, we had Saturday, September 12th, 2009, 2 pm at Thomkins Square, NYC and Friday, October 23rd , 2009  9 AM to 9 PM at Mc Coy Pavilion, Honolulu scheduled.  RSVP
  • Pre-order as many boxes of drug detectors and “Safe Drink” Packages as you can.
  • Donate funds so that generous supplies can be given to organizations who provide similar services.
  • Arrange to have us speak at your next event.   
  • Refer schools, offices, businesses, organizations, families and friends.
  • Arrange a “Safe Drink, Safe Space” workshop. Participants will learn to deter unsafe situations with awareness, right attitude, choice of words, street-wise techniques and stronger techniques, if required.  Phone to set it up in your town.
  • Help us display “Safe Drink, Safe Space” posters and place boxes of drug detectors everywhere.
  • Businesses - choose to conduct random tests and let us train your staff.    For example:  Check a drink by having Staff say, “As you know we are a “Safe Drink” business against drink spiking, may I check your drink?”  As you check it, say “We don’t expect to encounter drugs in your drink, our random checking helps scare off any predators”.  Most likely the drink will be negative, say “Thank you for your assistance, enjoy your night and safe drinking!”   In case you find a positive drink, call 911.


Remember it is not an alcohol problem, non-alcoholic drinks may also be spiked.   Always order drinks for yourself.   Don’t accept drinks from strangers.  Always watch your drink being made or opened if in a bottle.  Never leave your drink unguarded.   Drink with friends and nominate a “drinks watcher”.   Always drink sensibly and if you are over 21, know your alcohol limit.   Remember, drug rapes happen to men, too.


Make your venue safer from predators by deterring them.   Attract more customers who seek safe drinking environments.  Reduce the community’s crime costs.   Be a part of our “Safe Drink, Safe Space” Campaign.  Take advantage of our FREE set up and support program where you receive.   FREE testing kits for random checks (discounts available)   FREE posters to identify your venue and discourage predators.   Access to “over the counter” sales of drug detector packages in a handy dispenser box of 12 packages.   PR releases provided for local press, media, radio, TV, etc.

Identification as a “Safe Drink" or "Safe Space” site.

Percentage of all sales goes to support this work with victims of drug assisted assault and to provide a generous supply of education, supplies, and support wherever needed and wanted.

Available 24/7, please contact us.


 “Safe Drink, Safe Space" by Safe Day Events,, keeps us safe from drug, alcohol, violence and sex abuse with a powerful Safety Awareness Campaign.   Our goal is to stir interest, create awareness and raise funds to (1) distribute a generous supply of drug detectors widely to those who want this personal safety shield and to (2) provide educational support.

Problem: Statistics gathered by Negrusz, Juhascik, Gaensslen’s 2005 Study, “Estimate of the Incidence of Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault in the USA”, showed that 61% of 144 subjects were taking drugs, 35% were raped.   In the 2005 Survey by Channel 4 and Guardian News‘, 1 of 4 people were reported to experience the negative physical and psychological effects of drug rape.   Here in Hawaii, 50% of those surveyed had experienced some form of negative outcome as a result of drug rape.

Solution: Wales Police Department endorsed drug detectors in 2008 because they observed a 15% reduction of “indecent behaviors” including sexual assault, just after these safe, inexpensive, 100% effective detectors were made available to the public.  These detectors are business sized cards which contain a liquid dropper and chemically treated test blotters to detect (within 5 seconds) harmful doses of 60 known drugs, like GHBs, Ketamines, and Rohynol.   Nothing enters the person’s drink from the tester, so there is no waste of money or time.   Within seconds you can tell if a drink is drugged, in time to stop the crime.

Community participation is essential. We invite everyone to post our information “SAFE DRINK, SAFE SPACE” online as a link or on the wall to send a strong message to drug and sex predators to stay away.   You may arrange to have your marketing executive "payment code" to earn an income. 

Donations and purchases allow us to provide strong awareness information and a unique personal safety system, the drug detector, to carry in everyone’s pockets.  This is now available to reduce drug-related crimes. Sponsorships, retail opportunities, franchises, non-profit, fundraisers, jobs and positions available.   Phone to arrange a brief presentation for your team or business today.  Safe Day Events is a 501c-3 under NYCitiWorks.


You may want to visit this website for a brief video demo of how to use this product: (1) Use one as a deterrent that, without even opening will send drug and sex predators a strong message to pass you by.   It acts like a personal safety shield.

(2) Use one to test a drink you suspect is tainted with something because you feel sick, drunk, dizzy, nauseous, use one package of the Drink Detective.  The predators will move on, and they will not be able to commit the crime.  Ask for help immediately.


The most common way to use one is to have a friend help test a drink (even non-alcohol drinks may be spiked)  after drinking a sip that produces discomfort (dizziness, nausea, fogginess).   If you did not practice safe drinking techniques,  as described on back of the Drink Detective label, and you feel unsure of your social circles, you can also test then.


To test a drink or powder, simply drop a few drops of your drink after drawing it into the "pipette" given in the kit onto 2 blotters and a test strip, wait 5 seconds, and compare results with the adjacent control photograph.


If your drink is spiked to hurt you, you will be able to know in time to "just yell fire" or call 911 to stop the subsequent crime ~ typically date rape or robbery.

If you or someone finds a baggy of powder or liquid of unknown substance, a simple Q-Tip Test or napkin moistened in water, dipped in the powder or liquid, and then rolled over the test blotters will also indicate positive or negative results for over 60 controlled substances. 


Drink Detectives have been shown to be effective in Europe during repeated trials.   In a week-long campaign by the Wales Police Force, officials measured a reduction of the above behaviors by a whopping 15%\.  How?   When a batch of Drink Detectives were just simply made available in pubs, clubs, and hang-outs along with a poster displayed prominently near by, evidence of drug and sex predators disappeared.

We offer posters and boxes for any clubs who would like to get started with us in our "SAFE ZONE, SAFE SPACE" promotion.  These venues will be featured and promoted to travel bureaus, tour agencies, chamber of commerce organizations, business networks and in other ads.


We will be pleased to support and participate in your event making it safe and secure.   For example, when Safe Day Beverage Testers are simply used as a conversation piece, safe socializing is fostered.   Predators are afraid of getting caught so they may choose to stay away from people and places with them.   Help our awareness campaign get underway by getting in touch with us today.

If you are scientific, would like to review independent analysis, please go to for additional information.   For a limited pre-launch period of time, we are offering products wholesale to set up distributors and retailers.

9.  Order, Click Here -  let us help customize your program to benefit from the products we provide.

with us by visiting, emailing, phoning, contacting us.  We are committed to supporting you.   Contact:   Marilyn Rodgers,  Safe Day Hawaii,  808-232-6152 and/or Fran McGee,  Safe Day New York, 347-251-3404


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