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1 - INFORM YOUR CORE TEAM:  (Day 1) Introduce Safe Day Events as part of your fundraising event plan. Safe Day Events provides website, power point and other info to assist you in making this presentation to your agency, school, office. 

2 - PLAN WORKSHOP:  (Week 2 to 8) Offer workshop. Safe Day Events customizes a workshop with you taylored to your needs.  We have volumes of product info about many lifesaving products and services   From this workshop, your team will register teams for the “fundraiser”, acquire crew, volunteers and other interested ones.  Up to 70% of proceeds from fundraiser is for your organization (logistics of fundraiser is finalized).   

3 - START PROGRAM:  (Week 9 to 17) Safe Day Events organizes and implements programs with fundraisers, as well.  Fundraiser offers pre-orders for Safe Date Packs along with advanced tickets to the community event - a menu of sponsorship opportunities and a variety of products in a Safe Day or Date Pack is available.  Training and team leadership is provided by Safe Day Events.

4 - PLAN COMMUNITY EVENT:  (Week 18 to 24) - plan and organize community event.  Include entertainment, booths, distribution of Safe Date Packs,   prizes, community speakers, leaders, and a conference (customized to your organizations’ need).  We support you with our resources in marketing and advertising.     

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To see Event Power Point, click here.   Most products in a fundraiser retail for $8 to $10.   They are: 

- Sent as 12 units (sometimes available in a convenient box).
- Research,
independent analysis, demos available. 
- $2.50/pack or $30/ box of 12.     50% off retail.      
- Fundraising price - $8 per package or $60.00/box.
- Shipping included, 2 yr. expiration.  These will be picked up at event.
- NOTICE:  Private Label & Franchising options w/ bulk purchasing.
- Poster(s) to display, media kits, and support DVD. 
- Safe Day Sponsorships available (scroll below).
- Unlimited supplies available from manufacturer,
- Multi-media advertising partner in position
- Affiliate distributorship programs

Safe Day supported events raise character, entrepreneurship, community well being, and funds.  Our sponsors are making it possible for us to distribute "free of charge" far and wide.  We are grateful for any and all support.

A customized event to support your programs, or our unique Safe Day Event, can be scheduled in your town.  Let us help you and your program to be safer and better.  We have product and event sponsors' packages of all varieties and levels.
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 1-   Feelings and behaviors that are safe and kind increase while feelings and behaviors of fear and bullying decrease because children will learn about “kindness” using various artistic tools in a multi-media collage exhibit of  a “Safe Day Project: “I Change the World”. 

2-   Children will interview others -  community leaders, policemen, teachers, parents, relatives and businessmen - to gather and compile additional information (in neighborhoods).

3-   Children will use video equipment,  print media,  graphic arts, dancing, acting, singing, prose and poetry in a culminating project (in school, at home & in neighborhoods).

4-   Children will host a student showcase (with families and neighbors).

5-   Children will collaborate in sponsoring a community-wide “Safe Day” event.

This project culminates in a collaboration among schools, businesses and organizations.  What makes this project unique is that we are setting the stage for many unique opportunities to cultivate a hero in us all.  We highlight our students’ work in a community event to empower us all to reach beyond the classroom with a message of heroism,  kindness and non-violence.   

Project objectives are:  (1) to identify and value small acts of  kindness and to realize what heroism is composed of - small everyday gestures; (2) to help our community to feel safer,  inclusive, and appreciative of our diversity;   (3) to empower individuals who may be “at risk” to change, to reduce unkindness, bullying and fear;  (4) to show that anyone can be a hero - one who does small things to make the world better;  and (5)  to inspire us all to reach out,  to grow,  to value our community leaders and to become a hero, too.


Five hundred forty students and their extended families will directly benefit.  Prevention programs that focus independently on the child are not as effective as those that simultaneously “educate” the child and instill positive changes across both the school and the home environments.  The success of such programs is enhanced by focusing not only on a child’s behavior, but also the teacher’s and family’s behavior, the relationship between the home and school, and the needs of school and neighborhoods to support healthy norms and competent behavior. 

“Safe Day” provides an alternative to “fear” by giving students an opportunity to participate in a program that empowers youth to have a voice.  It gives students contact with positive role models and allows them to express themselves through positive interaction and collaboration.  Fear and bullying cause students and teachers to no longer want to go to school,  to drop grades even when attending school and to choose hurtful retaliatory behaviors. 

This project provides teachers with materials, information and activities to promote positive growth, social skills and development and to quell these negative effects.  It also highlights heroic qualities and characteristics for us all to practice. Community participants become more fully aware of the issues,  and are recognized for their contribution.

This school/community collaboration cultivates ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  To evaluate this project,  a two-week data collection by teachers, families and students during the 1st quarter will tabulate occurrences of 13 behaviors (kindness, bullying, heroism, aggression, encouraging of bullying, etc.). Using an ABA design, this same data collection will take place following the project with a goal of generalizing these behaviors - increasing kindness and decreasing bullying - in our schools, our homes and our neighborhoods.  


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