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Who We Are
Safe Day Events is "EDU-TAINMENT" cutting edge entertainers and educators.   We are a women-owned/minority-run business offering character-building services, empowering products and entrepreneur education and entertainment to make for a better world.  


Children, women and men of all ages benefit.  Safe Day Events is working with our 501c3 non-profit project CitiWorks International, most known as NYCitiWorks, Inc.  


Raise everyday heroes, “hip hop” & "rock" angels and safer better communities with us.  Developing a broad celebrity and educator base of professionals, we are "edu-tainment", a cutting edge show that is continuing to expand across the nation.  Join us and live your dream.


Current studies show that celebrities, entertainers, and peer mentors provide effective interventions to increase positive behaviors and decrease unwanted ones.  Entertainment has made deep and lasting impressions on us some of which are detrimental.  Teachers, preachers, police, and parents may have lost their footing in the minds and hearts of our offspring because of our multi-media's effectiveness.  Today we must utilize technology and entertainment to impress our youth.  Here we are!!!


Our collaboration of companies are like-minded and dedicated to making a better world in a concert conference combo --- a culture of healthy living - a better world.  We have the capacity to utilize the influence of celebrities, the experience of educators and successful business persons and the power of youth to support positive change!!!!


Safe Day Events ( supports events and provides socially responsible products, programs and school-based services so that young people are attracted to a healthier culture.  Our sponsors benefit from the scores of individuals in our audiences and impressed by our teams.


We provide all Primary and Secondary Schools, Colleges and Communities with curriculum, technology and programs.   We package ready-made campaigns/events that allow for corporations to offer matching grants to raise dollars from individual sponsors to support our programs.   Safe Day Events has participated in the start of a National Awareness Campaign.  We generously provide products, education and entertainment.

  • Currently we retain licenses to distribute socially conscious products and have examples of effective curriculum and fundraisers for schools. We are also offering joint venture and franchise opportunities to people who want to align their current business or start new businesses to make a better world.

  • Affiliated Products  Private Label Franchises • Retail Distributorships • Fundraisers & Joint Ventures • Eco-Friendly Products •

To expand to multiple States while developing awareness is our goal.  We will expand socially responsible inventory as we plan more events with communities, schools and universities.  As our community activities bring awareness, we assist communities to build a culture of healthy living, to develop character, self expression and entrepreneurship. 


We anticipate employing at least 1000 individuals in the first 2-3 years.  We plan to continue to produce a feature film and home-based internet university courses.  We enjoy a minimum net margin of 22%.   


Marilyn Rodgers' Safe Day Events  
Fran McGee's Healing Love Foundation                     
Catalina Centi's Island n'Utopia                           
Buck Rodgers' Entertainment Corporation                                      
Preston King's NYCitiWork         
Jon Fritzler's Aloha Movement Project                            
Melody Jensen's MJTLC Collections                             


Hiring in the next  2-3 years = over 1000 people.  Our core team is currently developing a community outreach program and have opportunities for any and all organizations to benefit by becoming a part of this program.   University students, businesses and community volunteers have offered their support.   Safe Day Events is in the key position to attract the best and strongest corporate and business collaborators to administer a Celebrity Endorsement Program,  Safe Space Program and Education Campaign Concert/Conference.


In the last 2 years, we have enjoyed the expertise of over 50 celebrities and professional mentors.   Safe Day has raised over $150,000 through its' own personal contributions and sales of products and services.  


Here is how to have your own label.
Contact us for distributor's price and discounts.
Suggested retail price is from $5.95 to $6.95 each package.
Display boxes of 12 units wholesale for $36.00.
Your private label printed on all packages (FREE) with minimum order of 50,000 units = 4,166 display boxes of 12 units.
Please phone for J-V Opportunities
Locked in price per package for one full year.
30-day financing available after first order.

Requirements to receive private labels: 

1-  Buy 50,000 packages.
(50% deposit required for your order to be processed.)

2-  Your labels must be camera-ready and in color or we will engage the services of our branding specialists for you.

3-  You will receive 50,000 packages as 4,166 convenient dispenser boxes of 12 items per box,  unless otherwise specified.

4-  Various Press Kits, Educational Support, & Training are available, separately.

Other supply structures are, as follows:

Example:  Turn-Key Franchise Discount = $350,000
for 150,000 packages, training materials, press kits & on-site consultations.

Customize your program with us, today.                      


Marilyn Rodgers,   Safe Day Hawaii,  808-232-6152

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